1 Home programs

ABA-Consultancy provides home programs for children and adults. A home program is based on a comprehensive assessment and consultation which is conducted in school, day care, at home in co-operation with the parents, carers, teachers and any other professional that works or has worked with the client.


On the basis of the assessment Behaviour Support Plan (BSP) is devised and implemented with the help of Board Certified Behaviour Analyst, Erica Callaghan. The assessment period can last 3-7 days while the implementation period of the BSP depends on the family.

2 Work shops

ABA-Consultancy provides tailor made workshops for parents, carers or professionals such as i.e. teachers, play leaders, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, support workers, psychologists, foster carers or daycare workers.


We organize workshops in Applied Behaviour Analysis, challenging behaviour, the use of visual strategies, feeding issues, toileting or sleeping and these are just some examples.

Contact ABA-Consultancy if you have any specific requirements and a workshop can be designed according to your needs.

3 Supervision

ABA-Consultancy provides supervision for Board Certified Assistant Behaviour Analysts, Registered Behaviour Technicians or graduates who are under taking their field work who wish to apply and register for the Board Certified Behavior Analysis examination.